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Why Promote Bestseller Ranking Pro?

  • Earn 50% commissions on every customer you refer (That’s between $48.50 and $222 per customer)
  • Our affiliates are currently averaging $2.27 EPC's (Earnings Per Click), way above average for this market.
  • You’re paid through Clickbank, so you know that your commissions will be safely and securely sent to you every 14 days
  • Promote a product that actually helps authors get results, sell more books and grow their business (See a few of our testimonials at bestsellerrankingpro.com)
Amy Harrop

Bestseller Ranking Pro provides powerful competitive publishing intelligence that can benefit every Kindle publisher. My subscribers love this tool and I highly recommended it to anyone who wants to get more exposure and sales for their book. This is a unique and valuable tool that converts very well. Highly Recommended!

Amy Harrop AmyHarrop.com

How Do I Become an Affiliate?

How the Affiliate Program works

For every sale of Bestseller Ranking Pro you generate by referring the customer to us, you will automatically be paid a 50% commissions at every price point and for the upsell (That's up to $222 per order!).

Start by signing up and creating a free affiliate account with Clickbank.

Clickbank will supply you with a special affiliate link that you can use anytime you direct traffic to our sales page.  Anytime a customer or lead clicks on your affiliate link, visits our sales page and purchases the product, you get paid instantly. Any referral or commissions you earn are automatically deposited into your Clickbank account and are paid out to you via a check in the mail or direct deposit for however much money you earned during that period of time.

And that’s it!  We take care of everything else: the ordering process, the customer support, getting them set up on the product. We both get paid, and everyone is happy. :-)

Follow the three easy steps below to be able to join our affiliate program and start earning 50% commissions for every sale that you refer.

1) Create Your Free Clickbank Account

If you are new as an affiliate and want to begin promoting Bestseller Ranking Pro, you will need a Clickbank account.  You can get one right now for free by going to: http://www.Clickbank.com

2) Create Your Affiliate Link

In order to begin promoting Bestseller Ranking Pro and earn a commission with each sale, you need an affiliate link with Clickbank to track your sales.  Your affiliate link simply includes your Clickbank Nickname. I will put "XXX" throughout this page in all spots that you need to replace with your Clickbank nickname/username.

Here is the link: http://XXX.bsrpro.hop.clickbank.net

Clickbank Affiliate Link


Just insert your Clickbank nickname/username in the "XXX" part of the link and use that link every time you promote Bestseller Ranking Pro to make sure you get credit and are paid for all your referrals.

3) Start Promoting Bestseller Ranking Pro Immediately 

Once you have your Clickbank affiliate link, you may use it to promote Bestseller Ranking Pro to your mailing list, on your website/blog, your social media accounts, or anywhere you might think there's interested customers.

Affiliate Tools

You can use our Affiliate Tools and Resources which contains email templates (banners coming soon) that you can use to promote our program and earn yourself money.

Need More Proof?

Want more proof? Check out some of the screenshots of the bestsellers Tom and his students have created so far at bestsellerrankingpro.com/proof/.

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Join the BRP Affiliate Network

We value your privacy and would never spam you

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