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  • q-iconIs Bestseller Ranking Pro™ just software?

    No! Bestseller Ranking Pro™ is NOT just a cheap software solution. In fact, there’s NO software involved at all. Instead, you’ll get access to the members-only area where you’ll have ALL the Kindle and Amazon Book category rankings and sales data available 24/7, constantly being updated. You’ll also get access to all the training videos, and a few special BONUS trainings from some self published authors who are selling tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, and, in some cases, MILLIONS of books and ebooks on Amazon.

  • q-iconAm I going to be charged monthly?

    No! Right now, you can choose between 3 different access timeframes: 6 month, 1 year, and lifetime. If you choose 6 month or 1 year access and decide you want to upgrade to lifetime access, you will be able to upgrade for a special discounted price. In the future, we will probably start charging $97 a month for this incredibly valuable information. But, since you’re here during our pre-launch, we wanted to make sure we gave you an incredible deal, so that you can jump in, start using Bestseller Ranking Pro™ and start selling more books this week.

  • q-iconWhy can't I choose all of the 19,699 bestseller lists on Amazon when I upload my book?

    Unfortunately, we weren’t in on the secret Amazon meeting when all these decisions were made. What we do know is this: Amazon is constantly changing their bestseller lists and categories, for a variety of reasons. Since there are so many lists, and since some of the lists must conform to BISAC codes and industry norms, that makes the entire database of bestseller lists hard to manage, even for a giant like Amazon. What we do with Bestseller Ranking Pro™ is give you complete clarity and transparency so that you can see all the latest bestseller lists on Amazon, and we show you how to get Amazon to list your books in the categories YOU want, whenever you want, without having to struggle your way through their horribly designed category lists in KDP or CreateSpace.

  • q-iconDo you provide training and support?

    Absolutely! In the members area, you’ll find dozens of high-quality, step-by-step training videos on how to find the right bestseller lists for you, and how to get Amazon to list your books in the lists you want whenever you want. If you need customer support or have any questions, you can contact us anytime 24/7 and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

  • q-iconWhat if my book isn't finished yet?

    No problem. The biggest thing you need to do as a new author besides writing is to start building your author platform and creating your marketing strategy. This course will show you how to do that, so whether you decide to self publish or go the traditional publishing route, you’ll have the author platform and marketing prowess to succeed and become a bestselling author.

  • q-iconWhat if I'm not good with computers or technology?

    Again, no problem! This entire course was designed so that you can use our system for success whether you’re a completely newbie or a tech whiz. In fact, there’s an entire section of this course designed for complete newbies to self publishing where you’ll find the resources you need to get started so that you can start implementing the Bestselling Ranking Pro System and start creating a steady stream of book royalties. Our step-by-step tutorials will walk you through any technical steps you need to get your book to become a bestseller on Amazon.

  • q-iconWhich Amazon stores do you support?

    We currently have data on all bestseller categories for and

  • q-iconI'm unable to sort the columns in the category pages. Why not?

    We’ve seen that certain ad block plugins (ie. Ad Block Plus) can block the javascript required to make the columns sortable and mouseover sales tooltips work properly.

    If you run into this issue please disable any plugins and try it again or try it in a different browser before reporting it to us.

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